[racket-dev] Please join SRFI-110 (sweet-expression) mailing list if you're interested!

From: David A. Wheeler (dwheeler at dwheeler.com)
Date: Wed Mar 6 00:42:58 EST 2013

I've just started a new SRFI, SRFI 110, for "Sweet-expressions (t-expressions)".
This SRFI creates an optional set of additional abbreviations to make
s-expressions easier to read. In particular, it adds syntactically-relevant indentation
when outside a list.

If you're interested, please see the SRFI page and join its mailing list:
The draft SRFI includes some comparisons to previous work, going all the
way back to M-expressions.

My hope is that it would be implemented in many Schemes,
including Racket, when it's done.  Thus, any comments that might
increase the likelihood of that would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

--- David A. Wheeler

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