[racket-dev] using Racket to build an image-based Lisp: feasible?

From: mikel evins (mevins at me.com)
Date: Sat Mar 2 09:44:38 EST 2013

I'm working on a Lisp. Recently I've been tinkering with an implementation in Racket. Racket makes it impressively easy to write.

I need it ultimately to be an old-fashioned kernel+image Lisp, with a platform-specific kernel executable and a platform-independent heap image. 

I'm aware that's not how Racket is designed. The question is: how hard would it be to use Racket to build such a thing? Easy enough to be worth trying? Too hard to consider? Can someone see a way to do it that would be easy enough to be worth a try?

I can imagine building something that might work out of the existing support for serialization and fasl files, but would be interested to know if folks more knowledgeable than I can see how to do it better.

Thanks for your opinions.


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