[racket-dev] Building HEAD today

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 17 20:54:54 EDT 2013

>> Um, aren't we past 5.3.5? Did I do something wrong?
> It gets difficult to read with that many dots, but version 5.3.900.7 is
> past version 5.3.5 (since 900 is past 5). We'll eventually switch to
> 5.900.x (and probably should have already).

Yikes, how did my brain parse that as something like

I'm glad at least one of us knows how to count. (By "us", I mean the
two of us. Or some other number of us.)

>> 6. The very end of the build looked like this:
>> ...
>> combine-relative-elements: relative path escapes collection: (up
>> #<path:info.rkt>) relative to (lib "frog" "frog")
>>   context...:
> I recently (June 6) wrote to you
>  Using a relative path "../info.rkt" that steps outside a collection
>  feels wrong, but I don't have a concrete reason or better idea.
> Now we have a concrete reason, so we'll have to find a better idea.

Ah right. That was for printing a banner and trying to DRY the version:

    (module+ main
      (require "../info.rkt")
      (printf "Frog ~a\n" (#%info-lookup 'version))

Interestingly (to me; maybe this is as you would expect) when I run
`raco frog` there is no error such as there was under the build's
`raco setup`. It still works.

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