[racket-dev] package-system update

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Jul 15 22:25:45 EDT 2013

Matthew Flatt wrote at 07/13/2013 02:56 PM:
> Others seem
> overwhelmed by the details, unsure of how it will all work out, and
> disconcerted by conflicting messages from others who seem to
> understand the issues.

BTW, I don't know whether I'm involved in anyone being disconcerted.  If 
I am, please let me clarify that I agree that this effort looks like a 
win for development of variations on core Racket, and for packaging of 
shrinkwrapped apps built with Racket.  (Praise&condolences to those 
people doing a lot of non-fun work to achieve those goals.)

In addition to those goals, I also had some research and advocacy goals 
that are affected by the package system model.  Now is not the time to 
get into that, but perhaps we can discuss at a later date, as the model 
evolves in subsequent versions of Racket.

Much secondarily, there are lots of little details, about which 
different people will feel differently.  I suspect we'll all quickly get 
accustomed to the little details, and if any little detail becomes 
ornery for lots of people, it could be refined.

Neil V.

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