[racket-dev] Bash Completion Broken?

From: Vincent St-Amour (stamourv at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 9 12:23:56 EDT 2013

Bash completion for raco setup (in
is currently broken. It only completes collects that are in the core.
I haven't tried it, but I suspect that zsh completion is similarly

To find collects to complete, the script looks for subdirectories of the
directories listed in `current-library-collection-paths'. On my current
install, these directories are:


which doesn't include package-installed collects. The first directory
also doesn't exist.

Is this a bug in `current-library-collection-paths', or should the
completion script use something else now?

As a side-note, I think that plt-services/meta/contrib should be it's
own package, or maybe even three separate ones (completion, honu.vim and
rubber). If nobody objects, I'll do that.


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