[racket-dev] Bug report form broken

From: Pierpaolo Bernardi (olopierpa at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 8 14:12:01 EST 2013


with "Welcome to DrRacket, version [3m]."
the bug report form is broken again.

Attached there is a screenshot of the error.

The report I was trying to submit follows below.


In DrRacket, with "Enable keybindings in menu" unchecked, the command
"ctrl-s" for searching sometimes does not work.


- start a fresh DrRacket;
- open an existing file in a new tab;
- open a second existing file in a new tab;
- type ctrl-s. The bell rings, and nothing more happens;
- type F5 to compile the buffer content;
- type ctrl-s. Now the search works.

(In case it makes a difference: the only other non-default setting
that I have is "Open file in separate tabs" checked, and I am opening
the files by picking them from File/"Open recent")
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