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From: Robby Findler (robby at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 20 09:00:32 EST 2013

I know this is a different list than in the past and so you may need to
parse the beginning of my message extra carefully. Also, have a look at my
and Matthew's commits in response to get a sense of what I'm hoping you'll
do in response to this.

And if your name's on the list and you aren't clear, send me a message and
I'll try to give you an example of what I mean.


On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 8:41 PM, Robby Findler
<robby at eecs.northwestern.edu>wrote:

> Hi all: it's time to collect the release notes.
> Unlike past times, I've done something slightly differently when
> collecting information from the git logs. I tried to track every thing that
> looked like user-visible change (that wasn't "obviously" just a bug report)
> that either seemed worthy of the release list or that didn't make it into a
> change history.
> Please go thru the ones with your name next to them and either update the
> a HISTORY.txt file somewhere or send me a short blurb for the release
> notes. Let me know when you're done or you have questions about where to
> find the right HISTORY.txt file. Note that your name may appear in multiple
> places below as some changes have multiple people next to them.
> I didn't track the TR commits as carefully as the other ones (sorry guys
> but you refactor a lot and it's hard to keep everything straight...) but I
> did see a bunch of optimizer related commits for TR and so I wondered if
> someone would try to do some benchmarking comparisons between 5.3.6 and the
> release candidate to see if anything sped up in a relatively impressive way.
> Robby
> Asumu: equality checking argument added to member
> Asumu: match*? (12e5bc645bf6e4c8c74cd6460efefccbf5a5680d)
> Burke, Robby: #:satisfying in redex-check
> Burke: add a parameter to adjust random generation methods
> (99548825ffab43ec1fcc291f8f460d855a7d21c0)
> Carl: generics and generic sets improvements, raise-support-error (et al),
> #:fallbacks, etc
> Carl: more functions exported from syntax/modcode
> (db1ba7af5e36d3b0b36458ddfe063f7b2fb83a5a)
> Eli: in-producer changes
> Eli: permutations, in-permutations
> Eric: rackunit improvements
> Ian, Sam: match app patterns change (b32697bd)
> Jay, Jan Dvořák: formlet improvements
> Jay, Matthew: pkg improvements
> Jay: Host and Content-Length headers in http-client.rkt:
> (dc8f52dbb1e3ca48622629a76000b5fea021697d)
> Jay: get/set-pixel in bitmap-dc% now respects alpha
> (551e536f3e7841b6ee7911da560f11b70a227292)
> Jay: plai gc2 improvements
> Jens Axel, Matthew: get-path-bounding-box
> Jens Axel: scribble rendering support for svg
> Matthew Butterick: New docs formatting
> Matthew David Vanderson: hex-string->bytes now exported
> Matthew, Juan Francisco: OpenBSD fixes
> Matthew, Kalimehtar: ffi bitmask improvements
> Matthew, Robby: gui package manager
> Matthew: "spotlight" support in slideshow:
> c70a0313e7134e714f830a7aff30c865fc8884dc
> Matthew: --unused-pkg-deps flag
> Matthew: .desktop support for linux
> Matthew: ARM JIT
> Matthew: Retina display support
> Matthew: add #:indirect to defmodule (b8f6311e)
> Matthew: better solaris support (eg, 6bb55f7d14c8)
> Matthew: change to syntax-local-lift-context, noting that it now matches
> its docs better (c137b44a6896)
> Matthew: change to {copy/delete}-directory/files (a2e75d1)
> Matthew: changes to subprocess directory initialization on windows
> (eb42f25a4ebc5da1a54122d475144c286fdf3e9b)
> Matthew: code signing for Mac OS X
> Matthew: cross-phase persistent improvements (more prims are allowed,
> #%declare)
> Matthew: eq and equal hash code tweaks (2a79377 and 8b7b962)
> Matthew: ffi custodian fix: does this change user-visible behavior?
> (7e42ee2003)
> Matthew: filesystem-notify-evt changes
> Matthew: latest sigplanconf.cls (fa40be83d652f9f)
> Matthew: racket/base and scheme/base now introduce submodules
> (169e801803074ff736a977ebca4187deb4d88152)
> Matthew: raco pkg now uses a cache
> Matthew: raise GUI size limit (2b1b8696f02fa59dea4278c2786fd21444204fc5)
> Matthew: slideshow bitmap support improvements
> Matthew: support libpng16 (5629a6156a5720e51a277849f75b3135cb93664f),
> libjpeg v9 (158997cde7350bc62eeb45e9ecd76931738266b9)
> Matthias: added list? to ISL+.
> Matthias: style guide
> Max New: Redex enumerator
> Nadeem, Robby: improve auto-parens mode behavior
> (f79dfb4cafa335ea378928ad1abe2b9bf9500b34 and more)
> Neil \bot: point-label3d
> Neil \bot: math library improvements (docs in 6525e8f7 other stuff?)
> Robby: #:chaperone specification in struct/dc
> (2648542a6c86e9447c6bf2ee82e345e0d1281a67)
> Robby: #:keep-going argument in redex
> Robby: #:reduce argument to traces
> (25c982ad3752429a5028130153986a980bacd372)
> Robby: #lang-line specific editing
> (905033e3f8b15a4f641c48f2981454f10937db5f)
> Robby: <menukey>-9 behavior change in drracket
> Robby: DrRacket now saves the font size preference on a
> per-monitor-configuration basis (9a7af8c84033f3bd276a2717c3dc37f6076b6e83)
> Robby: Redex & define-struct now interact better with check syntax
> (48c719a3ee6c6533aaa7535d10f7c9bfe6addaf3)
> Robby: add GUI support for compile-enforce-module-constants to DrRacket
> (404a31488742c75ccbed312548fb0f59102427f7)
> Robby: add immutable hashes to printable/c
> (20ad11a830f41252e0a070b607f07112c00f3b37)
> Robby: add transparent color to 2htdp/image
> (115722a261c40f241e99b65b2a8da5151413b107)
> Robby: added mrlib/terminal library
> Robby: added shrink-path-wrt
> Robby: allow (almost) any real number as angles in 2htdp/image
> (723a8f1cc1ebbbdf0d227d6c8f31f1d3eb2ef106)
> Robby: change to backward-containing-sexp
> (e1f4547ea99200c6ad0e9c34a76d3eb19eb906b6)
> Robby: check syntax's syntax-original? requrement relaxed
> (104f22c9f850aad400128bc9454166cd0fe0184f)
> Robby: color schemes in drracket
> Robby: control-shift-o in drracket
> Robby: default autosave delay now 30 seconds (instead of 5 minutes)
> Robby: drracket saves old internal errors to glom onto bug reports
> Robby: fewer online expansion messages
> Robby: framework colors: separated out 'text' from 'string'
> Robby: is-a? bug fix (a9311535538534b2e7c5487d4b0737b840a37e58)
> Robby: keybindings for check syntax c:x;m c:x;a
> Robby: menu-based teachpacks in drracket now extensible via packages
> (efd26833015a41706b1e26a8b13efda9ada0eb2b)
> Robby: move tab left/right keybindings in drracket
> Robby: opt/c improvements
> Robby: place-images, place-images/align (575ed23f011)
> Robby: preferences for long lists (eg tabbing) now saved differently in
> drracket (5f0c06956a2726a64b158ef1fc828c326a93a7ef)
> Robby: redex more picky about empty patterns
> Robby: redex wildcard pattern that doesn't bind
> (214bc7089b0d28f5684b5afeda7eef08cd2f35bc)
> Robby: struct-doc, struct*-doc, #:omit-constructor in defstruct,
> defstruct*, and contract-out
> Robby: teachpack dialog improvements
> (480afa4c4de10ff428521405b6b9718a1edba055)
> Ryan, Eli: racket/format notation change from x to *
> (b8e47541bd0ea7750af42c86ba3ad2b9634e0f5f)
> Ryan, Matthew: new .dlls included on Windows (is this visible to users?
> dll hell anyone?)
> Ryan: docs for syntax-parse as suggested by commit c4ba293c7
> Ryan: in-dict changes (64666b26894a413aed2c14426beb90aef8544bcf)
> Sam, Vincent, Asumu, Eric: TR improvements including new contracts &
> types, eg channels; more optimizations, eg flrandom and float complex
> improvements; subtyping performance improvement; more detail in arrow types
> (4c17c209); types for evts; changes in :type printing; occurrence typing in
> Guide.
> Sam, Vincent: errortrace-based profiling
> Sam: #:usage-help in cmdline
> Sam: add #:when to match
> Vincent: contract profiler
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