[racket-dev] Revising Racket's home page

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Aug 20 10:18:09 EDT 2013

Sam Tobin-Hochstadt wrote at 08/20/2013 09:52 AM:
> Can you say more about why this is? Is it the pictures?

Yes, I scroll down the page and I see pictures and a simple picture 
language, and it seems to be using them to introduce some pretty simple 
and familiar concepts, so I assume it's for children.

>   How does it
> compare to one of these tutorials for Processing:
> http://processing.org/tutorials/ ?

Processing is considerably cooler, in a hipster-designer way, than 
Racket.  Processing has street cred before people ever see a tutorial.  
Cool kids start from a very different position than us nerds, and even 
if they shouted, "Look at my circles, pledge dog, look at them!", people 
would lap it up.  And the Processing circles probably would be cool circles.

Neil V.

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