[racket-dev] Revising Racket's home page

From: Sam Tobin-Hochstadt (samth at cs.indiana.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 19 17:39:54 EDT 2013

Recently I (with assistance from Asumu) have spent some time drafting
a revised home page for Racket. A revised web page will nicely
complement the big upcoming release, I hope.  You can see the draft
here, which is ready for people to try out:


Some things to try out out: clicking the right and left arrows,
clicking the "?" box, visiting the RacketCon page.

The new page addresses a few problems that I see with our current page:

1. It works well on small devices, which our current page doesn't.
Try it out on a phone or a tablet.
2. It reduces the size of the top header, which will lighten the
burden on the documentation pages, for example, or the pkg index if we
add the header there.
3. It puts more info on the first page.  This means that people are
more likely to see information about how to contribute to Racket or
approaches to learning programming using our tools.
4. The font size is larger, which I think makes it much more readable.

Perhaps more controversially, I adapted some prose about Racket from
Matthias' "Racket is ..." post, and added a tag line at the top.

Lots of work is still needed if we want to use this as the basis for
Racket's web page (it's written in raw HTML, other pages would need
work, etc), but I hope that people like it enough to continue pursuing


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