[racket-dev] Confusion of difference of evaluating syntax vs compiled code?

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Thu Apr 4 17:34:18 EDT 2013

I'm running into dynamic evaluation behavior that I don't quite
understand yet.  My example is:


It's meant as an experiment to see whether it's possible to avoid 3d
syntax in certain places like the gui-debugger.  I try to throw in a
wrench on lines 52-54:


but thankfully, when I evaluate this in DrRacket, I get the results I expect.

However, that's when I'm evaluated the annotated+compiled code.  If I
modify the example so I'm evaluating just the annotated code, by
modifying lines 117-119


    ;; But we can evaluate it in ns:
    (printf "evaluating the annotated code\n")
    (eval compiled-code ns)


    ;; But we can evaluate it in ns:
    (printf "evaluating the annotated code\n")
    (eval annotated-code ns)

I get the unexpected shadowing I'm trying to avoid.  Why am I getting
the clash here, and not in the compiled code?

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