[racket-dev] DrRacket 5.3 suddenly crashing every few minutes on Win7/64

From: Kathi Fisler (kfisler at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 17 09:53:05 EDT 2012

Within the last couple of days, DrRacket has started crashing after a
few minutes of use.  I have not noticed a pattern to what I am doing
when the crash occurs (it has happened on each of mid-editing on
changing tabs, and on hitting F5 to run).  I have tried both with
multiple tabs open and with multiple windows open (but only single
tabs).  It has now crashed 5 times within 20 minutes.

I am running 5.3[3m], which I upgraded to soon after its release.  I
installed Windows upgrades a week ago; could be correlated to when the
problem started occurring.  Last Windows update I installed was
KB2739159.  I'm on 64-bit Windows 7.

Glad to provide more info if someone tells me what to grab and how to grab it.


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