From: Dan Liebgold (dan.liebgold at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Oct 9 14:00:14 EDT 2012

Matthew Flatt <mflatt at ...> writes:

> In v5.3.0.24, the new `current-compiled-file-roots' parameter and
> associated PLTCOMPILEDROOTS environment variable give you more control
> over where bytecode files are written.

(replying over gmane because I joined the mailing list later)

Excellent. Thanks for this. We have yet to implement it... working on further 
Racket integration into our tool-chain, then we upgrade to 5.3, then we'll use 

Now is there a way to archive the bytecode files in general (thinking .jar 
files), and the standard collects in particular? Right now our app will stat 
and load thousands of .zo files during it's normal operation. In performance 
critical sections this is a lot of time wasted on file operations (often over 
a network.)

Dan L from Naughty Dog

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