[racket-dev] syntax/syntax proposal

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Jun 22 10:41:35 EDT 2012

Yesterday, Ryan Culpepper wrote:
> The reorganization would discourage people from trying to add
> contracts to modules in the racket/pre-contracts subcollection. It's
> apparent from the name, as opposed to being discoverable by running
> the compiler.

Oh you mean actually *move* the files there?  That seems like a bad
idea since some of these are in their own collection because of other
reasons.  For example, there's dependencies on pprint and on unstable.

> It would also encourage people to add contracts to every other
> library.  [...]

This is a very minor kind of encouragement -- it applies only to
people who edit core code.  For most people, the encouragement is
already there since from their POV contracts can be added into any
code they write.

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