[racket-dev] Deprecating collects

From: Vincent St-Amour (stamourv at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 10 18:54:27 EDT 2012

At Tue, 10 Jul 2012 18:44:28 -0400,
Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> I'm still using some "mzlib" in *new* code.  Specifically, "getpid", 
> "this-expression-source-directory", "gethostname", and perhaps one or 
> two other things.  I could find other ways to do those things if I had 
> to, but those definitions pop up when I search, and there's no glaring 
> warning not to use them.

Good point.

We're looking through `mzlib''s bindings to find such functions that
don't have equivalents elsewhere in the collects. We're planning to move
these to appropriate libraries. For example, `gethostname' and `getpid'
should probably go somewhere like `racket/os' (and probably be renamed
to `get-hostname' and `get-pid').


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