[racket-dev] OS X 10.8 includes new restrictions on running apps

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Tue Feb 21 16:56:42 EST 2012

In a move that I find not even slightly surprising, the new Apple operating system (10.8, out soon?) includes new features that make it harder for developers to deploy their code on user machines. 


Specifically, the technology is called "Gatekeeper", and it allows users to choose between various levels of security.  At the highest level, you can choose to run only programs distributed through Apple's "App Store." Bleah. There is also a next level down, though, that runs any program that has acquired a signing certificate from Apple. It's free... if you're a member of Apple's developer program, which appears to currently be $99/year. 

I'm also curious/worried about what the terms of the agreement are; as with any development environment, Racket can *certainly* be used to run ill-behaved programs; if acquiring the certificate means signing something accepting legal liability for harm done by users of the application, Racket is a non-starter.

Anyhow, just something else to be aware of.


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