[racket-dev] new logo

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Feb 18 22:49:59 EST 2012

An hour ago, Neil Toronto wrote:
> I've attached my entry into the "lambda + R" prototype series. I
> went for symmetry on the lambda body, mimicked the round part of the
> Times New Roman "R", and compromised as little as possible on the
> angle of the left leg.
> This is a very tricky logo idea, FWIW. The left-leg angle is always
> hard to get right, and it's hard to make a round shape that's
> forceful and balanced but not overbearing. (That's why I deferred to
> the pros on that part. I think it was a good move.)

Yes, tricky it is.

(The below is only if anyone cares about these details.)

That's why after several attempts to connect the paren to the rest of
the "R" I went back to Michael's original thing and left it
disconnected, and instead used the pointy serifs that match the pointy
tips of the paren, making the "R" a result of your brain connecting
the pieces.  In this image, I think that there are several problems in
that direction: separating the lambda into two parts make it look less
lambda-ish, and the low point of connecting the leg makes it look less
R-ish.  I found that using round lines helps in making it possible to
lift the hip with it still looking like a lambda.

(There's also something else that bugs me, but probably not many
others: de-emphasizing the line at the top makes it look too much like
an aleph ("ℵ"), in some army-like style.)

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