[racket-dev] Request for max-log-level

From: Tobias Hammer (tobias.hammer at dlr.de)
Date: Thu Feb 16 08:53:33 EST 2012


i have to synchronize the log levels of a racket logger and an external  
system. Therefore i need the information what the highest logging level of  
logger is to already discard any messages in the external system that have  
Because there is, as far as i know, no possibility to get a notification  
the internal accepted level changes i have to synchronize pretty often.  
This is
currently only possible by cycling through all levels and check via  
which is cumbersome and, at least for my needs, too slow.
Would it be possible to add a function that returns the current maximum  
level of
a logger? The needed information is already stored in  
but there is no accessor. The following addition (excl. function  
to error.c would do the job:

static Scheme_Object *
max_log_level(int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
   Scheme_Logger *logger;
   Scheme_Object *result;

   if (!SAME_TYPE(SCHEME_TYPE(argv[0]), scheme_logger_type))
     scheme_wrong_type("max-log-level", "logger", 0, argc, argv);
   logger = (Scheme_Logger *)argv[0];

   if (logger->local_timestamp < *logger->timestamp)

   switch (logger->want_level)
   case SCHEME_LOG_FATAL: result = fatal_symbol; break;
   case SCHEME_LOG_ERROR: result = error_symbol; break;
   case SCHEME_LOG_WARNING: result = warning_symbol; break;
   case SCHEME_LOG_INFO:  result = info_symbol; break;
   case SCHEME_LOG_DEBUG: result = debug_symbol; break;
   default: result = scheme_false;

   return result;

(No patch because i completely messed up with compiled startup and  
expected primitive
count, even after following instructions in schminc.h :( )


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