[racket-dev] new logo

From: Bloch Stephen (bloch at adelphi.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 12 07:27:42 EST 2012

On Feb 12, 2012, at 1:50 AM, Eli Barzilay wrote:

> Here's a rough sketch that shows what I'm thinking of (using the shiny
> bg):
>   http://tmp.barzilay.org/cr.png

I like this.  I haven't looked at all the various drafts people have  
come up with, but I would much rather not lose the lambda, and  
haven't been impressed by the lower-case r.  If we can fit in a  
parenthesis that turns it into an R, that's fine too.

> The pun can even be taken further by adding a "(" on the left, smaller
> and fading out, so it looks like a curl on the top-left:
>   http://tmp.barzilay.org/cr2.png

Interesting idea.  This one isn't there yet, but has promise.

Stephen Bloch
sbloch at adelphi.edu

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