[racket-dev] new logo

From: Michael W (mwilber at uccs.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 12 00:39:07 EST 2012

I also wonder if we couldn't combine both the R and the lambda in
interesting ways.

The left part and the stem of a capital R sort of looks like a
lambda, if you squint right. Could we exploit this property

Going from the other direction, adding a curve on a lambda letter
yields something that looks like a convincing letter R, like
this perhaps:

Or something with the parenthesis "echo" motif on the main site:

We might be able to make trivial changes to the existing logo to
bring this property out:

All just wild speculation of course.

9 hours ago, Asumu Takikawa wrote:
> On 2012-02-11 13:23:46 -0500, Matthias Felleisen wrote:
> > Have you guys considered a small change that makes the 'r' more
> > lambda-ish? 
> Maybe an 'r' in different scripts can be considered? For example, an R
> rotunda:
>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_rotunda
> Or perhaps a script capital R: ℛ (if that unicode shows up)
> Both look more like lambdas than a lowercase Latin 'r'.
> (OTOH: you might lose the pun for most viewers)
> Cheers,
> Asumu


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