[racket-dev] Is anybody else getting this error?

From: Neil Toronto (neil.toronto at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Feb 7 14:01:46 EST 2012

This is from the latest release. On Redex errors and some Typed Racket 
errors (so far), I get something like

exception raised by error display handler: normalize-path: 
#<path:/var/tmp/racket> (within the input path) is not a directory or 
does not exist; original exception raised: reduction-relation: before 
underscore must be either a non-terminal or a built-in pattern, found 1 
in b_1

The problem isn't the Redex error I'm getting - I know how to fix that - 
but that it's expecting a "/var/tmp/racket" directory to exist.

Obviously I could create this directory, but I wanted to bring it up 
here first. It appears that some collects are either making an 
assumption they shouldn't be making, or they rely on a badly behaved 
function that creates temporary files. (I've verified that 
`make-temporary-file' is working.)

Neil ⊥

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