[racket-dev] Call for help testing course binaries written in Racket

From: Joe Gibbs Politz (joe at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 31 00:09:13 EDT 2012

Hello Racketeers!  Shriram and I are running a course this fall with a
significant online component
(http://www.cs.brown.edu/courses/cs173/2012/OnLine/).  We'll start
distributing course software to well over a thousand students next

We're (of course) writing the course software in Racket.  We're also
distributing some binaries that students will be using during their
assignments.  I want to see how well we've done at using Racket's
build tools to set these up.  If you could help us by running them on
whatever you've got in front of you, we'd be very grateful.  We have a
particular dearth of Windows machines in our group, so if you have a
choice, pick that to test on first.  Estimated time to test: 5-10

1. Download a binary bundle from
http://cs.brown.edu/~joe/private/cs173/bin/archive/ that matches your

2. Download the set of tests, incomplete-suite.zip, from:

3. Unzip both the binary and the tests.

4. Locate the executable in the unpacked binary bundle.  It will be one of:

  - win32-dist/assignment1-win32.exe
  - osx-dist/bin/assignment1-osx
  - debian-dist/bin/assignment1-i386

5. Run this executable, with the --report command, on the test
directory you just unpacked.  You should see it print out some JSON.
It will not exactly match what I have here, but it should be
recognizably JSON:

$ ./debian-dist/bin/assignment1-i386 --report incomplete-suite

{"results": "{\"for-fail-false-not-init\": false,
\"pre-and-post-op-mixed\": true, \"methods-self-is-zero\": false,
\"while-evals-true\": false, \"def-not-recursive\": false,
\"reverse-args-fun-app\": true, \"no-var-reassignment\": true,
\"if-else-switched\": false, \"eq-not-equals\": false,
\"no-arity-mismatch\": true, \"discard-seq-effects\": true,
\"more-falsiness\": false, \"recursive-let\": false,
\"discard-if-test-store\": false}", "ns":

If you see any errors here, please respond to me with a paste of the
output and a description of the machine you're running on.  If the
output looks similar to the above, you can stop here, and please reply
to tell me that it worked, and give me a brief description of the
machine you're running on.  If you're having fun, continue:

6.  Run the same command, but redirect the output to a file:

$ ./debian-dist/bin/assignment1-i386 --report incomplete-suite > report.txt

7.  Upload report.txt and incomplete-suite.zip as your "grade report"
and your "test suite" here: http://jotform.us/form/22408395633153.
Pick anything for your Course Pin.

Let me know if anything at all doesn't seem to be working or seems
strange.  THANK YOU!

Joe P.

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