[racket-dev] Is it possible to write `flatten' in TR?

From: Neil Toronto (neil.toronto at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 7 12:57:21 EDT 2012

Short version: Creating arrays from nested lists (and vectors) would be 
a lot easier if I could write a `flatten' function in TR, but I haven't 
been able to. Is it possible?

Long version: Given this type:

(define-type (Listof* A) (Rec T (U A (Listof T))))

I'd like this function:

(: flatten (All (A) ((Listof* A) -> (Listof A))))

When I use `require/typed' to get it, it won't work:

 > (flatten 0)
- : (Listof Zero)
 > (flatten '(0 1))
flatten: contract violation
   two of the clauses in the or/c might both match: ...

The problem is that an `A' might be a (Listof B), so the generated 
contract is ambiguous. The ambiguity also shows up in TR, though it's 
harder to understand from the error message:

(: flatten (All (A) ((Listof* A) -> (Listof A))))
(define (flatten lst)
   (cond [(list? lst)  (append* ((inst map (Listof A) (Listof* A))
         [else  (list lst)]))

Expected  (Listof (Rec T (U A (Listof T))))
but got   (U (Listof (Rec T (U A (Listof T))))
              (Pairof Any (Listof Any)))

I think this error message is saying that if `lst' is a list, it really 
could be any kind of list. I can't argue with that.

Is there a way around this particular error message?

More generally, is it possible to write `flatten' at all?

Neil ⊥

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