[racket-dev] Release for v5.2 has begun

From: Doug Williams (m.douglas.williams at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Oct 9 15:44:31 EDT 2011

I downloaded the latest pre-release version (5.1.900.1) to update the
science collection to use the new plot collection. The good news is that
that went very smoothly. The bad news is that some of my FFT routines seem
to be getting incorrect numeric results - at least the plots are very bad.
But, since all of the other plots seem fine, I don't see why these would be
any different.

So, I suspect that something has changed that affects the numeric
calculations. It is just the radix-2 FFTs that are having the problem. They
do some low-level bit fiddling to do the in-place butterfly addressing for
the FFTs - using things like unsafe-fxlshift (which just looks unfriendly) -
so, I suspect something there. Are the any recent changes that would affect
these kinds of fixed-point operations?

I've run the code under a previous version of Racket on a 64-bit Linux
(Scientific Linux 6.0) computer and a 32-bit Windows XP computer and get
correct results. So, I don't think it is simply a 32/64 bit problem - unless
it is limited to 64-bit Windows.

Sorry that was kind of rambling and non-specific, but I was wondering where
to start looking at the problem or what would help someone else look into


On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 10:19 PM, Ryan Culpepper <ryan at cs.utah.edu> wrote:

> The release process for v5.2 has begun: the `release' branch was
> created for any work that is left and is now bumped to v5.1.90.  You
> can go on using the `master' branch as usual, it is now bumped to
> v5.2.0.1 (to avoid having two different trees with the same version).
> If you have any bug-fixes and changes that need to go in the release
> then make sure to specify that in the commit message or mail me the
> commit SHA1s.  You can `git checkout release' to try it out directly if
> needed -- but do not try to push commits on it (the server will forbid
> it).
> Please make sure that code that you're responsible for is as stable
> as possible, and let me know if there is any new work that should
> not be included in this release.
> The time between the `release' branch creation and the actual
> release is for fixing new errors that prevent proper functioning of
> major components and that show up during the preparation for a
> release.  You can also finalize piece of work that is not yet
> complete, but please avoid merging new features.
> Note that nightly builds will go on as usual (as v5.2.0.1), and
> pre-release builds will be available shortly at
>  http://pre.racket-lang.org/release/
> Please tell me if you think that this release is significant enough
> that it should be announced on the users list for wider testing.
> --
> Ryan Culpepper
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