[racket-dev] advice on linking against racket in windows

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Sat Oct 8 13:28:58 EDT 2011

I'm building cross-platform binaries, and one of my platforms is Windows.

Moreover, I'm calling mzrt_sema primitives from my library, but those are the only Racket functions I'm calling.

I can think of at least three possible approaches to this, and if someone can give me 30 seconds of advice, it could potentially save me a couple of hours, so I thought I'd ask. 

The first is the most high-level, the third is the least.  This machine has Visual Studio 2010 installed, but I cannot install new software without administrator assistance. There may be important aspects of the machine that I'm not even aware of... should I be looking for a gcc front-end? There's a git bash application installed, that appears to give me most of what I expect in bash--ls, cp, and also things like tar and scp. I'm not sure how far the UNIX illusion goes.

Here are the approaches I'm thinking of:

1) Ask the admins to install DrRacket, in the hope that raco ctool will magically work on Windows the way it does under Mac OS X / Linux (this seems unlikely to me).
2) Find some racket DLL or .o file and the right scheme.h, and add them to my Visual Studio 2010 project.
3) Extract the mzrt.c and mzrt.h source files, and add them directly to my project.

I'm currently leaning toward the third one as having the least moving parts, but it's definitely fragile.

Any advice appreciated!


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