[racket-dev] [racket] Disable/Enable Tests

From: Vincent St-Amour (stamourv at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 29 16:02:19 EST 2011

At Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:48:32 -0500,
Stephen Bloch wrote:
> Those are probably the only REASONABLE sequences, but novice
> programmers will always find unreasonable ways to do it -- and those
> are the students I'm most worried about.
> To reduce the space of possible mistakes, I'm sorta leaning towards
> a (with-tests-disabled ...) macro that cannot be nested.


Disabled tests should be the exception, so making them stand out is a
good idea IMO.

> Although as various people have pointed out, a typical workflow is
> more likely to ENABLE tests for a particular part of the program
> than to DISABLE tests for a particular part of the program.  We
> could address this by disabling check-expect by default, and
> providing a (with-tests-enabled ...) macro... but that would
> seriously break backwards compatibility for hundreds of teachers.

That sounds like the wrong default to me.

We stress that testing is really important. Having tests disabled by
default contradicts that.


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