[racket-dev] Testing mode

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Jun 28 10:02:38 EDT 2011

About a minute ago, Matthias Felleisen wrote:
> I have come to accept that all modules should come with their tests
> included, as an exportable test suite:
> -- you don't need to expose any 'private' identifiers
> -- they are next to the function they test
> -- it is easy to run them from the repl after loading the file
> -- ... and from some 'test all' file
> BUT, I'd like two additions: 
> -- run the tests automatically when the file is required in a
>    certain into racket or always into DrRacket's repl
> -- if code size is a concern, racket should be able to eliminate
>    tests

I don't see this happen any time soon...  How can you trim the file?
For example, say that your tests use the rackunit gui thing -- you
don't want to get *that* overhead whenever you want to just run the
file.  The missing bit here is a new language-level extension -- some
lazy-require thing.  (I've made such things here and there using
`dynamic-require', but they are hacks.)

I do see a point in such a feature -- for example, IIUC, Matthew's
recent optimization to loading phase-1 code could be expressed inside
the language by making all `for-syntax' requires default to lazy
loading mode.  But I doubt that such a thing will be added in the near

> That's what I asked for, and this is what Jay's patch is supposed to
> address though I don't see how it does. Also, like Eli, I don't like
> the additional wrappers and with-deployment looks suspicious.

Yes, I know what you asked for -- and Jay's thing is not addressing
that at all.  My proposal (on the other thread) does, and avoids the
need for new wrappers.

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