[racket-dev] Building racket with hardened toolchain

From: XVilka Haos of System (xvilka at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 9 21:08:35 EDT 2011

Good day!
I'm trying to build racket on hardened gentoo, and can't do that.
On hardened systems racket dont want build, because it use intermediate racket
for building itself:


it placed in racket/.libs/racketcgc
also here is lt-racketcgc (in racket/.libs/lt-racketcgc)

I'm thinking that pax marks with "mr" flags can be useful for this build

When i'm try do such thing in the ebuild, it give error because .libs directory
also contain lt-racketcgc executable:

src_compile() {
    #355285: Split the make targets to invoke pax-ctl
    emake -C racket cgc || die "emake racketcgc failed"
    pax-mark mxer racket/.libs/racketcgc
    emake || die "emake default target(3m) failed"
    if use cgc || use sgc ; then
        time emake cgc || die "emake cgc-install target failed"

so, for fix this error we need run pax-marking after creating lt-racketcgc but
before running it.

here is log for building racket http://bugs.gentoo.org/attachment.cgi?id=263717

Here is the bug about this issue http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=356343

Please, help solve this issue, where i need set paxmarkings on
intermediate compiler?

Best regards,

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