[racket-dev] failed bug report

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Jun 1 22:53:03 EDT 2011

Two hours ago, David Vanderson wrote:
> Thanks for Racket!
> I tried to send a bug report via drracket, but got this error:
> An error occurred when submitting your Racket bug report.
> [...]

Ugh -- sorry, I have been tweaking the bug system today and forgot to
undo something.  Fixed now.

> Here's the bug report
> [...]
> When saving a file, the save dialog has a filter of "Racket Sources 
> (*.rkt;*.scrbl;*.ss;*.scm)", but it doesn't show any .rkt files.

I'd file this report for you, but there's no need in this case, since
there's already this bug:


> Looking at collects/framework/private/finder.rkt , I'm guessing that
> a list of filters isn't supported.

I looked, and I don't think that the problem is strictly from that
piece of code.  It looks like the GTK code in
"collects/mred/private/wx/gtk/filedialog.rkt" is assuming plain
patterns instead of doing several calls to
`gtk_file_filter_add_pattern' with each pattern.

But in addition, the filters at that point seem to have already been
split so that when (["Foo" "*.bar;*.baz"]) is used, then by the time
it gets to the gtk code it's already (["Foo" "*.bar"] ["Foo" "*.baz"]),
and I didn't find yet the code that does that.  (Fixing the GTK part
is likely making that splitting unnecessary.)

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