[racket-dev] language-specific documentation failed on 5.1.1

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Jul 19 14:02:01 EDT 2011

An hour and a half ago, Guillaume Marceau wrote:
> Danny and I looked at this last night.
> Both Chrome and IE are failing, but in different ways.

Did you try FF?  (I remember that there was some problem with chrome,
this might be it; and IE is pretty much hopeless for these things.)

> On Chrome, in my cookie file:
>    c:/Documents and Settings/gmarceau/Local Settings/Application
> Data/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Cookies
> I have two entries for docs.racket-lang.org:
>    docs.racket-lang.orgPLT_ContextQueryLabel
>    docs.racket-lang.orgPLT_ContextQuery/
> But there is no other entries for PLT_ContextQuery. I would expect
> to see some cookie set for local files.

So that might be the problem.

> On IE, we get a permission error. Danny and I tried to get the "mark of the
> web" trick working last night, without success.

That "mark of the web" hack has a bunch of other problems too, you'll
probably find them if you look through the archive.

> search-content.html has the following note at the top:
> <!--
>   This page serves as a trampoline -- it finds an "hq" parameter,
>   stores it in a cookie, and continues to the search page.  This
>   avoids having the "hq" argument be on the search page -- since then
>   when you refresh the search you will reset the cookie.
> -->
> I don't understand the last bit about refreshing and reseting the
> cookie.  What problem is this second trampoline trying to fix?

If you keep the "hq=blah" in the URL, then whenever you visit that
page it will re-set the cookie.  The trampoline page is therefore
setting the cookie and then takes you further to the usual search page
without the parameter being part of the URL.

> Because at the moment it seems to be causing more problem than it
> solves.

The trampoline shouldn't cause any problems (and I don't see any such
problems in your description so far) -- the problem that you do see is
being unable to store cookies from a local HTML file.

(AFAICT, the only robust solution to all of these things is to use the
on-line documentation.)

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