[racket-dev] intro videos

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Wed Jul 13 19:16:40 EDT 2011

I enjoyed your videos. Very nice. Can you do something about the missing
menu bar? Also had a look to the first two videos of the computer science
section of khanacademy.org. The second one, because it is not functional,
immediately has to discern objects from copies of objects, which seems a
very good way to frighten beginning students off. I understand your
frustation and did not proceed to the other vidios of the computer science
section of khanacademy.org.

Do you intend to follow up on your videos?

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Frustrated by what I'm seeing on khanacademy.org, I've now recorded 8
*short* videos on getting started programming in DrRacket. 


It gets through about half of the first page of HtDP 2e. I'm trying to
stress those things--interface details, understanding error messages--that
are a better fit for video.

Comments welcome.


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