[racket-dev] slash-form + bug in PLaneT keybindings require?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Mon Jul 11 14:26:58 EDT 2011

I tried to make some keybindings available using PLaneT today, and ran into two problems--I suspect that this mechanism is not frequently used.

1) I can't use the slash-form in this require. That is, I have to type

(planet "magic-paren.rkt" ("clements" "magic-paren.plt" 1 0))

instead of

(planet clements/magic-paren/magic-paren)


In fact, I'd be even happier just typing


2) After typing the above, DrRacket installed the one-file planet package (and GOLLY, it took a while, but that's a different issue), and finally got this error:

Error when installing the keybindings (planet "magic-paren.rkt" ("clements" "magic-paren.plt" 1 0)):

symbol->string: expects argument of type <symbol>; given #<resolved-module-path:"/Users/clements/Library/Racket/planet/300/">

3) I suppose I'd be happiest of all  if I could simply have an electric-parenthesis option built in to DrRacket. Does this seem like an appropriate preference entry for the "factory" DrRacket?


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