[racket-dev] sxml package takeover/updates?

From: oleg at okmij.org (oleg at okmij.org)
Date: Wed Feb 16 22:45:26 EST 2011


Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> If Oleg, Kirill, and Dmitry would like someone to take over maintaining 
> the Racket PLaneT packages of SSAX and the SXML tools, I would be happy 
> to volunteer.

> Kirill and I talked recently about some changes to the Racket packaging 
> of SSAX that I have done through a wrapper package.

I have not been a maintainer of Racket (or PLT Scheme) packages for
SSAX or SXML: I think Kirill or Dmitry may have been. I do want to
express my appreciation for your stepping up. It seems you are already
talking with Kyrill about maintenance, and so will decide on the
maintainer of record. I'm happy with the changes your have proposed.


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