[racket-dev] Final v5.1 build is ready

From: Stephen Bloch (sbloch at adelphi.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 14 14:54:41 EST 2011

On Feb 14, 2011, at 11:39 AM, Robby Findler wrote:

> For the record, I've pushed a fix that helps to deal with the problem
> Stephen uncovered. We'll probably go debate privately whether or not
> this is better to include in the release or not.

The problem appears to show up if you run a previous version of DrRacket, "Add Teachpack" from the installed-teachpacks directory, then run 5.1 (with the same Preferences file, which remembers the selected teachpack(s)) in which that teachpack doesn't exist.

The question is: how common is that scenario?  If you had ANYTHING in the installed-teachpacks directory before upgrading, it's almost certainly not there after upgrading, so the question reduces to "how many users are actively using a teachpack that's in the installed-teachpacks directory?"

(My current class of students have been using an explicit "require" rather than "Add Teachpack", so I don't think it'll be an issue for them.  Other users of my book, or of other non-bundled teachpacks, may be doing things differently.)

Stephen Bloch
sbloch at adelphi.edu

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