[racket-dev] Fwd: [racket-bug] drscheme/11585 impossible to enable test suite coverage in main language

From: Matthew Blakley (zarcher at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 3 23:05:17 EST 2011

No, it is not checked for me either following these steps with

macosx "Darwin ranger.ftpdhcpuser.net 10.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.6.0: Wed Nov 10 18:11:58 PST 2010; root:xnu-1504.9.26~3/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 i386" (i386-macosx/3m) (get-display-depth) = 32

On Feb 3, 2011, at 5:20 PM, John Clements wrote:

> I conjecture that syntactic test suite coverage is broken on all Macs.  Specifically, I see this behavior in the release candidate on both of my macs, after moving out all racket prefs, moving Library/Racket out of the way, and unsetting PLTCOLLECTS. Apparently this doesn't happen on (at least one) non-mac platform(s).
> Would someone else with a mac try this? :
> Choose the "Determine language from source" language.
> Click on "Show Details..."
> Choose the "Syntactic Test Suite Coverage" button
> Click OK.
> Re-open the language dialog.
> Is the "Syntactic Test Suite Coverage" button still checked?
> Thanks in advance,
> John

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