[racket-dev] dependencies and racket

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Fri Dec 30 12:45:34 EST 2011

Another variation, if you're thinking about cloud infrastructure today: 
you could pretty easily make your own faux PLaneT server that either is 
for a single app or takes the identity/profile of the app as part of the 
URL the app uses to access the PLaneT server.

The faux server can be a tiny HTTP server process, as it only has to 
perform a single, simple REST operation.

This faux PLaneT server would *enforce* the same profile of PLaneT 
package versions for the app, and also serve the packages from a trusted 
cache at app compile time.

Or you can use the careful-crafted "~/.racket/" directory approach.  I 
suppose the choice depends on which is easier to do well in your 
existing infrastructure.

It's good to see interest in Racket from cloud people.  Feel free to ask 
lots of questions on the Racket "users" and "dev" email lists as you 
work through your solution.


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