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From: Paul Ojanen (engineer at alum.mit.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 16 19:56:27 EDT 2011

I find Mathematica's Help/Demo/Tutorial pages to be exemplary documentation
for new and experienced users.  (I'm thinking of what you get from pressing
F1 in the desktop app rather than the online Demonstrations website, which
is itself vast and cool.)  Most topics have many demos where each is
actually an editable code buffer followed immediately by the evalauted
output.  It encourages playing around right in the midst of the explanatory
docs.  If a student ever breaks an example beyond his repair skills, he can
simply reload the page.

>From my experience, Mathematica has the highest success rate of any software
tool when it comes to students learning about new functions on their own
through the built-in docs.  Which is not quite the same as learning new
programming techniques on their own...but still important.

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Here is a site that comes with demos/shots that are simple and yet
interactive and thus impressive. I am wondering whether we could turn our
little code snippets into stuff that people can run and possibly even modify
and run. We may have to 'cheat' and use WhaleSong in the background to power
some of our graphical animated stuff but hey WhaleSong is close enough to
our world. 

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> Nope, CodeMirror:
> http://codemirror.net/
> The creator is a pretty amazing hacker.  (And his background is in CL 
> and Scheme.)

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