[racket-dev] Problems compiling Racket-5.1.2 on SunOS5.10(x86)

From: Kent Mein (mein at cs.umn.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 8 14:33:47 EDT 2011

In reply to Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org):

Thanks Eli, Matthew,

I have it building now with --prefix=dir and --enable-shared
Now the only problem is make install is crashing:

raco setup:  in syntax
Racket virtual machine has run out of memory; aborting

I've tried running racet setup -l 
afterwards, it gets a little farther but again runs out of memory.
I'm on a box with 32G of memory (12 free) but only
2048M of swap....

I've been doing some googling to try to find a solution.
It seems like other people had problems as well on freebsd and windows.
(I've increased my user limits with the limit command)


mein at cs.umn.edu

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