[racket-dev] Memory consumption of Racket

From: Nevo (sakur.deagod at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 22 01:09:30 EDT 2011

  My attempt on porting Racket interpreter to iOS has been for a while and
I've been able to run interpreter on both iOS device as well iOS simulator.
Right now, it runs perfectly on iOS simulator, but lack of satisfaction on
device. The reason is for those devices like iPad/iPhone or Android, the
memory for standalone application is always constrained, and even a single
"hello world" evaluation would easily put the whole app runtime to death,
per my test. In particular, here I've got some commented out "printf" code
compiled in for newgc.c, and trying to load a simple "hello world" racket
file to evaluate results in more than 30MB memory in use (reported by gc).
This is nothing for a desktop, but will kill itself easily in iOS which
usually requires the average memory allocation will be less than 20MB. So
I'm asking if there's some known compiling or runtime configuration which I
may not know to reduce memory usage, at least keep average allocation
acceptable for those memory constrained devices. Thanks for your suggests

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