[plt-dev] building Dr on Sparc Linux

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Mon Mar 1 20:06:03 EST 2010

I'm trying to build DrScheme on Sparc Debian.  It looks like the Boehm GC is not supported here, so I used

configure --enable-sgc

The build fails here:

g++ -DMZ_PRECISE_GC -I../../../mred/gc2/../../mzscheme/gc2/ -I../../../mred/gc2/../../mzscheme/sgc -I../../../mred/gc2/../../wxxt/src/AIAI-include -I../../../mred/gc2/../../wxxt/src -I./../../mzscheme/ -I../../../mred/gc2/../../mzscheme/include/ -I/usr/include/freetype2   -DUSE_SENORA_GC  -DNEWGC_BTC_ACCOUNT  -DOPERATOR_NEW_ARRAY -DWX_USE_XRENDER -DWX_USE_XFT -Dwx_xt  -Wall  -g -O2  -c -o wxGC.o ../../../mred/gc2/../../wxcommon/wxGC.cxx
../../../mred/gc2/../../wxcommon/wxGC.cxx: In function ‘void* GC_cpp_malloc(size_t)’:
../../../mred/gc2/../../wxcommon/wxGC.cxx:246: error: ‘GC_new_set’ was not declared in this scope
../../../mred/gc2/../../wxcommon/wxGC.cxx:248: error: ‘GC_malloc_specific’ was not declared in this scope
../../../mred/gc2/../../wxcommon/wxGC.cxx: In function ‘void* GC_cpp_malloc(size_t)’:
../../../mred/gc2/../../wxcommon/wxGC.cxx:327: error: redefinition of ‘void* GC_cpp_malloc(size_t)’
../../../mred/gc2/../../wxcommon/wxGC.cxx:233: error: ‘void* GC_cpp_malloc(size_t)’ previously defined here
make[5]: *** [wxGC.o] Error 1

Am I missing something obvious, or is this a question of a nontrivial implementation of something to support sparc + linux?

many thanks,


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