[racket-dev] python docstrings

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Mon Jul 19 10:13:38 EDT 2010

In the being-aware-of-your-competitors category:

I was sitting in the first TSRJ lecture this morning, and Kathi was introducing the notion of the purpose statement. One teacher in the audience raised her hand, and asked whether DrRacket had a python-like feature where users could query the system for the purpose statement associated with a given user-defined function.  

I wasn't familiar with Python's docstrings, so I checked them out.  In their current form, they're largely irrelevant, but I could definitely see it being useful to be able to fold purpose statements into the right-click menu in DrRacket.  Specifically, I see that there's a "jump to definition" entry in that right-click menu; perhaps it would make sense to add the purpose statement associated with a function directly to that menu on its instantiation.


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