[racket-dev] Parallel Build of Collects

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jul 5 18:37:01 EDT 2010

On Jul  5, Kevin Tew wrote:
> Parallel build of collects is now the default option.
> You can change the setup options by specify an environment variable
> to make install
> Examples:
> ; only use one processor
> SETUP_OPTIONS="-j 1" make install
> or
> ; use three processors don't build docs
> SETUP_OPTIONS="-j 1 -D" make install
> raco setup -u now means uniprocessor.  It will build collects using
> the original serial process (before parallel build was committed)

Why not something that is more related to "-j" like "-J" or "+j"?
(Especially given that it's not the same as "-j 1", so it's not really
an option to be used for a uniprocessor situation).

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