[plt-dev] language dialog, some minor changes & bugfixes

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Jan 29 15:36:55 EST 2010

On Jan 29, Carl Eastlund wrote:
> Nothing about this error behavior will lead people to look at the
> top line of their program and interpret it as a language specifier,
> unless we change the behavior of DrScheme's error printer to add
> that explanation to every exception it ever prints out.

Sure it will -- if your textbook has

  #lang htdp/beginner

examples, then that will be pretty obvious.

> The alternative is the current behavior: start out with no default
> language, so anyone who has not chosen a language gets told they
> need to, instead of having to deal with inscrutable and irrelevant
> error messages.

Given that Module will be the only one left eventually, what you're
arguing is against having "#lang scheme" as the default text.  (And
IMO, having no text will be frustrating, and having "#lang scheme" or
"#lang ???" will be much more confusing.)

My vote still stands.

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