[plt-dev] MzScheme port on Windows x86_64: a report.

From: Ben Goetter (goetter at mazama.net)
Date: Mon Jan 11 13:06:36 EST 2010

>     Disable the INT64_AS_LONG_LONG
I'm surprised that you needed this, since VS2005 does support the "long 
long" syntax.

If you pass the Microsoft win64 compiler the /Wp64 switch, it does a 
good job of detecting places where a pointer value is being converted to 
an int or long instead of an intptr_t or uintptr_t.  Clean up that and 
you should be most of the way there.


On 1/11/2010 9:39 AM, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> I'm impressed that you got it working, and I'd appreciate patches for
> what you have so far.
> To test, run
>    plt/collects/tests/mzscheme/quiet.ss
> Yes, the JIT problem is surely LP64 vs. LLP64; the JIT generates 64-bit
> operations for data structures that contain `long's. I think we'll
> eventually have to change most `long's in the MzScheme code to some new
> type that maps to `__int64' under Windows and `long' elsewhere.
> The plan for MrEd is still to get rid of the current C++ code and
> replace it with a new set of bindings that are implemented through the
> FFI. The new bindings are implemented in a way that avoids the setjmp
> problem. I hope to have that mostly working by March or so, but it's
> difficult to predict.
> At Mon, 11 Jan 2010 17:27:14 +0100, Gabriel Cuvillier wrote:
>> Hi everyone!
>> I managed to port MzScheme (CGC variant) to x86_64 on Win64 using Visual
>> Studio 2005.
>> I have done this port because I want to embed a Scheme implementation
>> into a large C++ 32/64 bits app on windows, and MzScheme seems to be the
>> ONLY implementation which is both MSVC-compilable and SWIG-available!
>> (No, I don't want to use Python :)
>> It is in "alpha" version, but it compiles and runs successfully on my
>> machine. The major restriction is that there is no JIT.. I wasn't able
>> to figure out why the JIT is crashing, but I suspect compatibility
>> problems with the LLP64 architecture of MSVC compilers (instead of LP64
>> used with GCC compilers).
>> The main modifications are:
>> ->  sconfig.h: new target for WIN64 (MSC&  _WIN64). Same as WIN32 but:
>> 	Disable the JIT
>> 	Disable the INT64_AS_LONG_LONG
>> 	Disable USE_MZ_SETJMP (and remove contents in the mzsj86.c).
>> Apparently
>> it could cause problems with MrEd in the future, but seems to be ok for
>> MzScheme.
>> ->  Update libffi to the latest version. The main problem is with the
>> libffi version used which is not supporting win64. The latest one does,
>> and it seems to work for other projects (I think the JRuby team use it).
>> After a few headaches with the Microsoft Assembler, as well as obscure
>> defines, I finally managed to make it work.
>> ->  Plus a minor hacks around...
>> With these actions, MzScheme compiles and runs. I still need to make a
>> lot more tests (is there any unit tests available?). There is more work
>> remaining to be done:
>> ->  Lots of warning because of conversion between "size_t" to "long"
>> (LLP64 vs LP64). Should not cause too much problems for now since sizes
>> are not easily above 2GB...
>> ->  Some warning because of conversion between "__int64" to "long" (LLP64
>> vs LP64 as always). They are more dangerous I think.
>> ->  Make the JIT working.
>> After that, it should be possible to continue the port with MrEd (and
>> wxWidgets)...
>> If someone have some hints about the JIT stuff, or general infos about
>> the best way to handle LLP64 vs LP64 (should I pass everything from
>> "long" to "long long"?), help is welcome...
>> PS: apologies for my english spelling.
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