[plt-dev] plt-scheme virtual machine has run out of memory, linux

From: Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari (mohto at ida.liu.se)
Date: Thu Feb 25 10:12:18 EST 2010



We have embedded plt scheme c api in one C++ application.

It works okay under windows, but when run the same application under linux
then the program crashes and the following error message 

Is reported

plt-scheme virtual machine has run out of memory; aborting

We have compiled base.c correctly and even linked in the lmzscheme3m


Could you please help us? What are we doing wrong?

I saw in the mail list that there was similar error message when the
lmscheme3m was not linked in but we are linking it .

We have also removed the virtual memory limit in DrScheme.


************attached file****execution order***********

The first time a test string is sent to mzscheme

char * argv3_[] = {"(+ 1 2)"};

 scheme_main_setup(1, run, 1, argv3_);


later the users scheme code is sent to mzscheme via

evalString(char *str) 

_apply_thunk_catch_exceptions(Scheme_Object *f, Scheme_Object **exn)


and the result is returned from







Best Regards

Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari



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