[racket-dev] sudo make install

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 31 02:38:10 EST 2010

A user on IRC complained about an issue where after building and
installing racket (with 'sudo make install') he received the following
error upon starting drracket:

Error saving preferences: open-output-file: cannot open output file:
"~/.racket/.LOCKracket-prefs.rktd" (Permission denied; errno=13)

Apparently some part of the installation process writes to ~/.racket and
since he used 'sudo' it was with root privileges. Its worth noting that
if you use 'su -c make install' things work because 'su -c' changes
$HOME to /root whereas sudo does not.

The user used 'sudo make install' because he passed
'--prefix=/usr/local' to configure and so expected things to install
there. I suppose this is a case of user error but its extremely subtle
so I wouldn't call it that.

Maybe during installation ~/.racket shouldn't be used, and /tmp/racket
could be used instead or something?

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