[racket-dev] (round), etc. in Typed Racket

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Dec 13 00:04:18 EST 2010

Maybe someone can figure out a sensible way for modules to specify in 
which version(s) of the Racket language they are believed to work, and 
what to do with that information.

I'm not sure what's sensible.  I could see being able to specify "this 
module was last developed and working with Racket 5.0.42".  Then some 
person or program coming along later knows how Racket has changed since 
then and perhaps can inspect the module for problems that would not 
normally be caught by static checking, and give warnings.  Right now, 
I'm thinking static tools, rather than runtime compatibility modes.

Or perhaps instead of specifications of Racket language version used, we 
could use test suites to assess compatibility of a module with a given 
version of Racket.  If we have *really* good test suites.


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