[racket-dev] data collection

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Aug 27 13:20:32 EDT 2010

On Aug 26, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt wrote:
> Based on discussion from PLT day, I've added the `data'
> collection. It currently contains 3 libraries, for queues, skip
> lists, and interval maps.  As per the earlier discussion, data is
> intended to make use of the new ability to do file-level splicing.
> I will be the overall maintainer of the collection, but if you add a
> data structure to it, you keep responsibility as well.

* There is no entry for it in meta/props

* When you add one, you'd probably want Ryan to be the owner of his
  code.  (I could say the same about my queue re-implementation, but
  that's really very simple.)

* You should also fix the distribution specs.

> I'd like to add the following libraries to `data', and am interested
> in feedback:
>  - the current `racket/{list,set,dict}' libraries (with those names
>    continuing to work as well)

So we'd have: `scheme/list', `racket/list', and `data/list' -- and all
of that multiplied by the three libraries (more when you remember
`*/vector', and `*/function' etc)?  That looks very questionable to
me, at least for the core types (lists and vectors).

>  - the current `unstable/{list,set,dict,hash}' libraries (should
>    they be combined with the above libraries, or added as
>    "list-extra", or something else?)

I'd strongly object to some `list-extra', or `list-etc', or
`more-list', in a similar way that `mzlib/etc' was turning into a dump
bin for random bits of code.

As for the code in unstable (but not in the files that you moved) --
it's still suffering from quality issues.  As I said in the past, the
biggest problem there is that code gets dumped, and nobody feels any
need to do anything about it (IIRC, Ryan was the only one that did
stuff).  I've added a whole bunch of comments to these files,
hopefully the authors would do something about it.

>  - the new functional data structures library (planet krhari/pfds),
>    after people gain experience with it

When you do, can it please have a better name?

>  - other data structure implementations currently in the collections
> (Ryan tells me there are several)


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