[racket-dev] source distribution problems

From: Hari Prashanth (krhari at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 6 23:05:42 EDT 2010

I just built plt-src-unix.tgz. I looks good. I didn't see any errors.
I built it on Ubuntu 10.04.


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On Aug  5, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> We need to add "build on Linux from source distribution" to our
> release-time checklist. Kevin, can we put that under your name?

Added, but with Jon (who volunteered) -- also, he'll check the binary
installer in both modes (which would catch the previous README

> I think we should also fix the 5.0.1 source bundles. Eli, would that be
> reasonable?

I've re-packaged them for all platforms (for windows too, even though
the only change is the unused utils directory).  The results are at
http://tmp.barzilay.org/src/ -- can someone who is not running to
catch a plane test them?

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