[plt-dev] Whither DrRacket Tools

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 27 18:53:16 EDT 2010

Danny reported a bug in my datalog package, so I've been updating it
to the recent versions, while doing it I thought I would try removing
the need for the Dr... tool. The new color-lexer is really nice for
getting syntax highlighting in the module language, so I was able to
do that. The only two things I can't do are getting a different
comment character (%) and getting a different REPL submit predicate.
The first is easy to add. The second is more worrisome, because in my
current implementation it is part of the "Mode" rather than the tool

Any pointers for implementing the second as a language info key? I'm
pretty much totally lost when I try to follow the DrRacket source.
Rather than just email Robby, I thought I'd email the list to get more
press for the q/a.


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