[plt-dev] pushes & pulls & building

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Apr 27 17:34:46 EDT 2010

Two quick comments:

On Apr 27, Stevie Strickland wrote:
> 1) Create a clone of the PLT tree in my usr.  For example,
>   ssh git.racket-lang.org fork plt usr/sstrickl/plt

It is *much* better to use an ssh configuration name instead of using
the full name.  This way, if there is any change to ssh (like change
the port number), you only have one thing to change.

> 5) When I finally am ready to push my commits to the main repo, I just do:
>   git push git-plt master
> (Notice I'm ignoring rebasing here.  That makes it more complicated,
> but for the kinds of uses people are doing now, where they're just
> merging/pushing, you can use the above workflow to keep your own
> private repo in your usr space and coordinate between your own
> machines.)

FWIW, rebasing wouldn't be *that* complicated: AFAICT, you could just
ignore it completely up to this last point, and rebase your changes
before you push them to the plt repository.

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